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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Source

I was dozing last night on the sofa, Casey beside me when KiKi decides to jump up in my lap for a little snuggle.  Doesn't happen often with all the dogs around but every now and then I become the recipient of a little kitty lovin.

After a minute or so I start dozing again and feel something on my arm.  I crack open an eyelid and spot a black dot hopping on my arm.


I make a grab for it, Kiki shoots off my lap and Casey manages to lift her head and look at me like "So what?"

Yeah...I've been fighting fleas the past two months and thought I was making headway in the battle.  I HATE fleas.  I suddenly feel the urge to scratch.  As if on cue, Ginny starts scratching, then Scooter.  Casey goes back to sleep. 

So now I know the source.

KiKi's been bringing some friends home all along.

So first thing this morning I gave all the dogs a bath.  They were due anyway and I hate to put flea medication on a dirty dog.  SM took the pics.

Scrub-a dub-dub...a "Pig" in the tub.

Sweet Ginny HATES getting wet.

And what's not to love about "Boo's" sweet face.

"You giving the cat a bath?" SM asks.  "Hell No!"  

KiKi has a full arsenal of lethal weaponry at his disposal.  There's no way I could give him a bath without ending up with shredded arms and bites all over me.  In the 13 years we've had him I gave him a bath once and that was when we found him busted up as a kitten.  I've never even used flea meds on him.  The random flea attacks we've had usually get cured with the dogs getting treated.  Any advice on putting flea meds on a cat?


  1. I have never used flea meds on my cats. You can put Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on their coat and in all of your pets food. It's really good for them in correct doses.

    My cat Alvin goes to a groomer and gets a bath and a hair cut every couple of months. It can be dangerous to give a cat a bath!

  2. I've only used the kinds that you put on the back of their necks. I've been reading though, that these are effective (and they are) because they poison the cat's system, making their blood lethal to fleas. The rationale is that it's a small enough dose for cats to handle, but somehow I don't like it. I've been looking for an alternative. I've been reading that cedar based oils are good.

  3. I gave a cat a bath once. Yes, just once. I lived, barely.

    He came home, in through the cat door, around midnight (back when I used to let cats roam outdoors at night). Ran into my bedroom, jumped up on the bed - and the overwhelming stench of skunk awoke me immediately! OMG, my eyes watered, while he sat there looking like nothing was out of the ordinary. He got a tomato juice bath; I got scars that took quite awhile to heal.

    Sorry about your flea problem. I recommend a flea comb - my cats loved it, so I used to comb them every night. I loved snagging those little buggers!

  4. What the hell is with the fleas this year?!?! I too have been fighting the flea war. I have demeaned myself to using chemical warfare... I don't know if it's working... The whole thing is driving me bonkers!!! I find one flea, and I go insane on my house! Cleaning, washing, vacuum... I haven't tried to give the cats a bath yet because, well, I want to live through the night... Good luck!!!