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Monday, January 30, 2012

Flower Child

The other day when I was out wandering around the backyard I found that our Camellia bush blooming! 

Holy Moley.  In January?

Anyway I hollered at SM to come see and he said that "It was a shame they were blooming since we'd get a freeze tonight" and they'd all die back.

So I went and picked one of the blooms and started heading into the house thinking to put the bloom in a dish of water.

Of course the pups were very interested, especially Casey.

Someone is just too used to "snackies' around here.


  1. The last photo is a hoot. I love camellias. I had a bush in my yard in Texas, and it would bloom all January long.

  2. It looked good enough to eat! What a hoot!

  3. Hi Tami, we're having a similar thing with mango blossoms - it is way too early and a good hard wind and rain will knock those blossoms off. That, sadly, would mean no mangoes in June.

  4. Tami,
    With the way the weather has been this winter/early spring (?), Your Camellias should bloom well into February! Only a hard freeze will knock the blooms off!
    I have a question?
    Is "Casey" a Catahula? I had one until a year ago and my friends next door have one named LA (their Black Lab is named Dodger, can you guess what baseball team they like?!).
    Casey looks just like that one, or Elly looks just like Casey! Brown with black spots and very muscular!
    Great dogs!

  5. LOL! Silly pup. That's one beautiful flower!

  6. Tom...Not sure what a Catahula was so I looked it up. That's a beautiful dog. Casey isn't that. Mixed breed for sure and part "piglet" too.