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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Song Of Spring

You'd think that January 27th is a little early too be talking about Spring.  But one of my favorite things about living here in the Piedmont of NC is happening as we speak. 

It's 63 degrees out at 5 am.  My backdoor is open. The breeze is soft and we're getting sudden spurts of showers off and on.  And I'm listening to the Peepers as they sing.


Wherever there are wetlands, there are frogs.  And for the last 2 days the weather has been warm enough and wet enough to start the Peepers "peeping". 

I've never seen one, but as you drive along the country roads their song comes to you in waves.  I find I'm smiling as I drive home.  I turn off the radio and listen to this special song.  Like the summer cicada's they only sing for a a week or two at most.  Then they're done.

Until next year.  The cycle repeats.  Ain't Mother Nature grand?


  1. I've never seen one either. Hubby and I pass a swamp on our walks and we've NEVER been able to sneak up on the little buggers. Funny how they'll all quit their chorus at once. How do they DO that?????

  2. Ahhhhh, I am so envious. We have a few more months of winter up here in the North!! Enjoy your lovely days!

  3. Oh, and we have peepers around our pond when the weather gets warmer. They are the tiniest little frogs and they puff their little throats out like a huge balloon to make their peeping sound.....Go out at night with a flashlight and you will see them.

  4. oh, I LOVE those little guys! They make quite a racket in the woods behind our house here in GA.
    When we lived in VA, we had a little 5 gallon fish tank in our kitchen. One day I found a teeny peeper perched on the edge of that tank -- don't ask me how he got all the way in the kitchen and found that spot! He let me pick him up and take him outside.