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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts On This Hobson?

First off...Thank you ALL so much for your feedback from yesterdays post on worm composting.  It was much as I suspected, too much fussing over something that's quite simple.

My first "ah ha" moment was Jane's comment that the worms didn't eat as much as she thought they would.  I had wondered about that.  I've told SM that composting has GOT to be a priority this year and while I want the worms, I'm also looking at the "tumbler type" of composting bin to help speed things up.  But that's a discussion for another time. 

Lynda's observations about just letting things be is also valuable.  I think we all have a tendency to want to push things along and manipulate the system.  "Just let things be"...It'll all work out.

Chipmunk has me agreeing that this little farm ain't going in my house (or garage for that matter).  Plus when SM and I were discussing it, SM had his nose wrinkled like he could all ready smell the worms.  (Have I mentioned before that SM's kryptonite is any sort of waste?  Poop, decomposing matter...anything stinky and SM is heading in the other direction.  Good thing we never had kids. ;)

Liisa...you are SO sweet to offer me your tray system but as you can see, I've changed my mind.  Thanks again though!

Tom's advice sealed the deal.  Interestingly, I'd had the thought in the back of my mind..."Why not convert one of the raised beds into an outdoor composting bin." 

I think my biggest concern was the temperature extremes by keeping them outside.  I felt I HAD to keep it mobile.  Both Lynda and Tom have confirmed that the worms can actually survive extreme temperatures better than I'd thought.  This is North Carolina after all.  The ground never freezes like it did in Ohio.  And while it's true things can get a bit toasty around here in the Summer, I think the worms can travel deeper where it's cooler for a few hours during the heat of the day.

I had noted last year that the plants in my raised beds did poorly during the summer heat.  Anything that was "in ground" thrived.  So my "seasons" for using the raised beds are only Spring and Fall.  I might consider transferring the soil out of one of the raised beds and converting part of the bed into a worm composting area.  

This got me "googling" raised bed worm composting and I came across another idea that I might consider.  Have any of you tried a Worm Tower?  Click on the link and check out the video. 

Cheap, easy and it offers direct and instant benefits to the plants around it.  I also like the idea that you can move it around if needed.  You can start by creating all these little "towers" directly into your garden and just "stagger" your start times and feeding schedule. 

Hmmm...more things to consider.  What are your thoughts on this Hobson?

(* From the movie Arthur.  Truly one of the best comedies EVER.)

Arthur: Oh, stay with me, Hobson. You know I hate to be alone.
Hobson: Yes, bathing is a lonely business.
Arthur: Except for fish.
Hobson: I beg your pardon? Did you say "except for fish"?
Arthur: Yes... fish all bathe together. Although they do tend to eat one another. I often think... fish must get awfully tired of seafood. What are you thoughts, Hobson?

Hobson: Pardon me...
[rises, removes Arthur's top hat and smacks him upside the head]


  1. Tami: This worm tower is the BEST idea, EVER! I know what I'm doing next weekend! I'm going to have one in each bed, a few in the berry patch AND I'm going to have one at each fruit tree...that's gonna' be a bunch of towers, but I have plenty of worms in my 3 *Farms* and we have lots of pvc in the barn...just have to get the terra cotta caps...THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!

  2. Tami,
    I'm glad that you are getting off the fence and have decided to get started! The best place to get information from is "Red WORN COMPOSTING"! I have mentioned this site before and this is my go to guy for all questions WORMS!!!
    Bently is the best and has been Worm Composting for over ten years! He has a "GETTING STARTED" section and does all kinds of exsperments with how to raise Worms! And get this, He lives in CANADA, not on a farm/homestead. So he deals with extreame cold and limited space.
    Also if you want to get started with a Compost tumbler, check out the post I did for a "DIY Tumbler" using two 50 gallon plastic berrels. The whole set up cost me $25.00! I had the wood and other materiels on hand! I just harvested the compost two days ago and it's now in the garden! And because of the fact that I use old rotten hay as the "Brown" in my compost, the compost was full of WORMS again!

    P.S. Lynda
    I Have been working on a post about "Worm Towers". They are on the list for the garden this year! Also you do not need tarra cotta caps caps, use a empty coffee can instead!

  3. Hey, what a neat idea! I think I'll try some worm towers. I'll have to round up the worms again, though... I dumped them all into the garden last fall.