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Monday, February 20, 2012

It Has Arrived...

I was going to write about the onions sets that came in this weekend.  .

Maybe I'd wax poetic about the Little Gem Lettuce that I went ahead and started indoors since my craving for fresh salad is strong right now.  Perhaps I'd have admired the Casabanana starts that are promising so much.

Instead, this morning in the dark...bare footed as usual...I stepped into Lake Scooter.

It has arrived.  The dreaded Prednisone Pee.

I know Boo, it's not your fault.  When a guys gotta go, a guys gotta GO! 

No, the Vet warned me that this would happen.  I suppose that along with your increased Zippity-Do-Da you'll also have that wonderful side effect of needing to pee every other minute.  Which presents a problem since Mom is gone to work from 7am to 6 pm.  You can't count on SM to be here much either.  Some days it's local work, some days he's gone 14 hours to Fayetteville like he is today.

So the troops must be called in to help.  Deb, our good friend across the street says she's happy to stop by in the afternoon when we're gone to let the little guy out.  That's the plan for this week anyway.  If his needs become more urgent, we'll have to consider a Plan B.  Maybe a doggie door so he can come and go as he wants. 

We'll see what the Vet says about his blood work this week.  If he's heading for remission than we'll consider the dog door.  Until then, we'll post this friendly reminder...

We are not without a sense of humor around here. ;)


  1. Well, keep the mop handy and the sense of humor on HIGH...
    Good luck, Tami-

  2. We've been through this a few times. Yes, keep the mop handy. :)

  3. Tami, how wonderful to have such a good friend and neighbor. Hopefully Scooter will be better soon.

  4. Naw, you just can't put any blame on the little guy. What we don't go through (sometimes literally!) for our furry friends. (Maybe you should keep your boots nearby . . . )

  5. Awww, poor Boo. I've been there, too, with my pups. Ya just gotta love 'em through it all, they can't help it.