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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try Not To Cry...

I planted my onion sets this weekend!

It's hard to believe but I've NEVER grown onions.  We don't eat a ton of onions around here but I've been shocked at the price tags at the store.  So I bought an Intermediate Day "Sampler" from Dixondale Farms.  My favorites are red onions, they just seem crisper to me.  But not being an onion aficionado I figured I couldn't go wrong with the sampler.

Dixondale sends you a nice brochure with recommendations on how to grow the best onions.

I planted mine in one of the raised beds and noted that I didn't have the correct fertilizer combination that they recommended.  Oh well...  I'll try to make a note of it and buy the correct combination later.

At least Miss Ginny approves of my onion planting skills.  The brochure suggested planting them 2" apart if you want to eat green onions as you go, pulling every other onion and allowing the ones left behind to grow to maturity.  So that's what I did.  The bed I planted them in had some leaves on top so I just brushed those to the side, planted the sets and then bruched the leaf mulch back around the onions.  The brochure said that when the onions start to "bulb" you should brush away all mulch.

So here we go!  Hopefully I'll get a nice harvest.  Just to look at it, it's a LOT of onions.  Try not to cry.  The crying will come later when I cutting em all up.


  1. I've used Dixondale for years--they have a great product. I don't think I've ever lost an onion-you're sure gonna enjoy the freshness of growing your own. Enjoy!

  2. I never thought of planting them close, then pulling the immature ones for green onions! Think I'm going to do that this year, thanks for the idea!

  3. Looks excellent. Holding thumbs for you :)

  4. Oh I am hating right now! I JUST started my onion seeds... I can't wait to actually get stuff in the ground! Lucky you for living south of Ohio!!!

  5. Oh, you're making me so hungry for green onions. I always plant mine close like that so I can have green onions for use whenever I want. 'Course, I can't begin to think of planting mine (I always plant the the little bulbs) for 2 more months . . . but that's what I get for living up here near the tundra.

  6. Seems like I can't ever get onions to grow right. Maybe I'll try your source and make sure it's not me.

  7. Seems like I can't ever get onions to grow right. Maybe I'll try your source and make sure it's not me.

  8. It's a good thing you had Miss Ginny there to supervise!

    Good luck with the onions. I had a great onion crop last year. We will have enough until this years crop is ready...I think!

  9. Wish I could be planting here too! Here in wisconsin the winter has been really mild and we have no snow but are of course expecting a snowstorm now that its almost spring:( Deb

  10. I put onions in almost everything I cook. Can't wait to see yours coming up!
    Love the new header!

  11. Just today I got 50 Sweet Yellow and 80 Red Onion sets. Plan on planting them my next day off. Also got 3 types of potatoes. Kennebec, Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold, 3 pounds each. I will plant them in tires at the West end of the garden this year.