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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bachelor Pad

SM and I love birds.  I tried having bird feeders around the backyard but not only do the seeds that fall on the ground sprout (making one more mess for me to have to clean up), it also caused Scooter to eat all the seeds he could making his digestive track a bit cranky.  So no feeders in our yard.  But we do have bird houses.

SM keeps trying to entice bluebirds to nest in one of our houses. 

Ha...Fat chance!

The sparrows always get there first.  SM had just put this new addition in and within minutes he had 5 or 6 male sparrows hanging out on top competitively jostling each other for a position.

"Hey Ladies...see my nice new digs?"

So far the ladies have come and gone and it's still a bachelor pad for now.


  1. Dang males - always messing up a place - and ruining a perfectly good plan...

  2. I like your new blog look!

    So funny about the birds. We've never been successful in getting the right ones to nest where we want them. Especially the Carolina wrens, who seem to love to build nests in boots or overalls hanging on the line. :)