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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Curse Of The Hoopty

Just when a girl thinks she needs to invest in a hoop house, Mother Nature comes along to show her that it just isn't needed.  But did you notice that the plastic is just pushed over, not removed?  I guess like many of you, I'm just not that sure that we won't get an April snowstorm before everything is said and done. 

Onions in front, lettuces to the right, a row of broccoli rapini, and carrots to the left.  (They are up but very tiny.)  If you look carefully all the way in the back the snow peas are up too.  Notice I have the onions and peas on opposite ends of the bed as they are NOT companions.

Damn it's hot!  83 outside and 75 inside.  Who needs hot flashes?


  1. Tami - Looking good!!!! Could you not leave the cover on - and just open either end for ventilation. That way it won't be such a hassle to close / re-cover every night.

    Yeah - hot flashes in summer are NOT fun!

  2. Looks good! This warm weather has been so wonderful. I wouldn't put that plastic away either. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store!

  3. I'm loving every moment of it! So nice to have extra couple of weeks to plant things. And yes, I do worry about late frost so covers are on stand-by.

  4. Onions & peas not companions? Guess what I planted right next to the snow peas? Yup. Onions. Oh well. Better do some web searching on companion planting I guess.

    Had to have the sheeting off our hoop houses the past three days, it was like a MILLION degrees here! Hopefully the spinach won't die!