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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Letter

Dear Miss March,

I'm so pleased that you're here.  Mr February left with about as much drama as he arrived with, which is to say "not much".  His visit here was a snoozefest to be sure.  And on top of that he decided to extend his visit by an extra day this year...The nerve!

You on the other hand....My goodness!  What a contradiction you are!

You've always had a charming, flirtatious spirit.  I've always admired that about you!  You breezed in last week in a bit of a huff to be sure, not that I blame you.  It has been a year since we last had the opportunity to speak and I don't want to sound too demanding but I have a little favor I'd like to ask you. 

Is there anyway you might tone it down a little over the weekends? 

During the week I hear you've been all smiles and sunshine, warming up to people so much that that's all I hear about is how wonderful you are, that you've broken a few records lately.  You're on a roll to be sure!  Your sunny attitude is bringing out all the best in everyone! 

But then Friday night comes and I know you tell me that you're going to behave yourself over the weekend but instead I wake up Saturday morning to find out that you've decided to party again this weekend!

I know, I know...you're young, you've been stuck in a rut since last year but all this partying on the weekends just can't be good for either one of us! 

You do know that we have a time change this weekend right?  We've SPRUNG FORWARD you know, so your frosty attitude the past few days has not been very welcoming.  I mean, I know it takes a little while to warm up in the mornings but really...Do you need to be so chilly even at lunchtime? 

And the way you breeze on about every little thing.  Don't you realize that I have things that need to be done outside and only a short time to do them in?  Between your cold shoulder and your huffing and puffing over every little thing...Well, I just can't get anything done on the weekends with your unpredictable behavior!  Last weekend it "cry me a river".  So many tears, you could have washed us all away!  Isn't there anything you can do to try and tone it down a little?

Yesterday is a good example.  I really wanted to get some work done on the front yard.  Spruce it up a bit.  But besides being cold until noon you decided to blow on and on about your springtime allergies.  You created quite a dust storm over it.  Do you think you're the only one who suffers?  Between freezing me out and making me cry with irritation I'm starting to wish you would pack it up and leave!  It's only been 11 days since you came to visit and yet I'm already over all your drama.

Come on, fess up...Why so cranky?  Is it a man?  Is it just that time of the month?  Is it your Mother?  I know that you and Mrs Nature have your moments.  Who doesn't?  No? 

Is it your sisters? Yes, that's it?

Oh come on... You and I both know that April and October are very popular but you could be too if you just put some effort into it!  I think it's high time you put your big girl panties on and just face facts.  Yes, your sisters are colorful and even tempered which does tend to make them very popular in certain circles but you could have that admiration too if you'd just learn to moderate your own behavior just a bit.  You're swinging just a bit too hot and cold if you ask me.  Take a breath.  Slow it down.

You see?  You're starting to feel better already aren't you?

That's right just give me a little time on the weekends.  That's all I ask.

Hugs and Kisses,



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  2. Cute, cute, cute! (Great imagination -- and ability to get it down in the written word -- you've got there, Missy!)

  3. Great letter! She's been doing that around here too. Lovely last week and now we're in for 7 days of rain :(


  4. Great writing, spring has been lovely here lately. We have been having 60 degree temps here in wisconsin which is totally unusual!

  5. If I had known that all I had to do was write Ms March a letter to get her to slow down and warm up...I would have written it along time ago!
    But I'm glad you did it and with all the right words!
    Tomorrow is suppost to be 73 and latter in the week....76!
    Apple trees planted and I think it is time to get Peas in the raised beds!
    I loved the letter!