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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty Purple Pea Pods

It's the middle of April and my snow peas are finally starting to bloom.

It seems that Mother Nature is back on track.  Even if you tried to rush her, she'll still only give you what you need in the usual cycle of her days.  Not much sooner and not much later than usual.

Some store bought potatoes that were sprouting in my garage were tossed into the garden along with some straw.  They are starting to pop up now.  These are russets.  We'll see what happens.  I'm not expecting much, just experimenting.

I trimmed back the grape vines (as so many of you suggested) and it appears that the grapes will bounce back nicely.

I'm also taking the opportunity to get the tomatoes and the peppers out in the sun and wind.  These should be going into the ground in 2 more weeks or so.

It's funny...March was SO warm that I thought I'd be waaay behind with my planting but April has offered up cool enough weather that now I'm not in any hurry to get things planted. 

At least we're not getting the snow that some of ya'll are getting! 


  1. I also have pea flowers bursting forth, but mine are white flowers. :)

    I'm so glad that you're grapes are OK. Don't forget when you plant your tomatoes in the ground, to plant them deeper than they are in the seed tray (I planted them up to the first leaves) - it will not harm them, and in fact will increase the root area and provide the plants with more water uptake.

  2. Rolling cart for the seedlings? If it is--jealousy! I like that idea!

  3. I agree, there is no point in planting early cause your still going to get your harvest the same time as planting on time. And we are one of the unlucky people in line with the snow. But at least it is only 1-3 now instead of the 2-8 they thought yesterday. It sucks.

  4. Beautiful seedlings and pea flowers and I love your little cart idea. You're right about waiting for normal planting time - I was in a hurry and had several setbacks for it and now have to replant it all over again. And we're expecting another snow storm tomorrow so might be one more set back. Good luck with your potato experiment - it's really not difficult to grow it, just toss it in the ground and cover up as it grows and harvest in August.

  5. Your transplants are huge!! Wow...looks so great...and you have pea blooms...no, not jealous..no..not at all. ;-)

  6. The tomato plants look great!!! Mine are nowhere close to that big. I want grapes too. I need to get some. Your garden is looking great!

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  7. Same weather predicament here! I was lamenting wet ground from all the rain and then it turned cold again. Almost wondered if we'd wake up to frost but it's only 39° out not. Your peas and experimental russets look great. My potatoes got frost bit, but seem to be recovering. Peas? No flowers! Love your garden table BTW.

  8. hey look! i'm talkin' about ya baby!


  9. Mother Nature does have a way of evening out things in the end, doesn't she? If I had found the time to put some stuff outside under cold frames in March, I would have lost it all because of our temps that dipped back down (way down) to normal for this time of year. What was that commercial on TV way back when? All I can remember is "Don't mess with Mother Nature!" Guess it's something to remember!