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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back It Up

I've been getting a lot of headaches lately.  They come on in the late afternoon and last all night.  Tylenol doesn't help.  I've wondered if it's a new kind of menopausal migraine but it always seems to start in my neck, like a tension headache.

"Maybe you just need your back re-aligned."  SM suggested after hearing me complain about it these past few weeks.

I've never been one for back or neck massages.  Can't tell you "why" really, it's just not my thing.  

Unlike SM.

SM loves any kind of massage.  Scalp, hand, foot, neck...you name it, he likes it.  (He's a "dog", you see.  In Chinese astrology that is.)  And dogs like to be petted.  I swear his feet are always in my lap begging to be rubbed. 

But ultimately it's all about his back.  He says that's he'll never divorce me because there's no one else that can straighten his back like I can.  And it's almost a daily thing.  He'll lay down on the floor and I'll start on his low back working my way up pushing and pressing and shifting and listening to his back pop and crack.  I've asked him to go to a chiropractor but he doesn't want to spend the money and says I do a great job anyway, so why bother?

But back to me. 

I'm personally scared to death of chiropractors.  I don't think I could relax enough to let them do their thing.  I have a coworker who goes to one and she says it does take some getting used to.

Anyhoo...I was willing to let SM "rub" my back.  So I laid down across the ottoman so my knees were on the floor and my head and arms could dangle.

SM gently rubbed and pushed ever so slightly and suddenly I felt a couple of pops and a shift.  WOW!  (He barely touched me and my back shifted that quick!)  I could feel the muscles spasm, so I leaned back and stretched them for a few minutes.

"That's it."  I told SM.

"You don't want me to do more?"  SM asked skeptical.  Like I said, he barely touched me.

"Nope.  I can tell something shifted.  Lets see what happens." 

The headache slowly faded as the evening went along.

And I haven't had one since.



  1. You're fortunate he was able to do something . I'm stuck with a chiropractor every few months to get back in line. I hate it. I always feel like my neck is going to snap off.
    Glad you got headache relief.

  2. I'm with Mama Pea - does SM make house calls...?

  3. That's funny.. I went, "huh" right after reading "and I haven't had one since". Great minds travel in the same rut!

  4. Maybe he's found his after retirement career! I swear by chiropractors. It takes some getting used to, but once you find a good one, you relax right into it. Glad you're feeling better.