"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comfort House


What a nice word.  It relaxes me just to say it.

To me, comfort is about thick, soft socks on a cold morning and warm fluffy blankets to curl up under when you're sleepy later in the evening. 

Comfort is seeing my sleeping puppies, wodged into all sorts of strange positions.

Ginny becomes one with whatever pillow, blanket or cushion is around her.  I've never seen a dog absorb her environment more. 

Casey still sleeps like a puppy.  She collapses and "hogs" the space.  (My little piggy girl.)  She's a dreamer too.  Her little feet flipping as she chases a dream rabbit across the yard.

Scooter is my brick.  Plop.  There he is.  Hard floor or sofa, he could care less.  When he wants to sleep, he passes out wherever.  And somehow he makes it look comfortable.  We have to watch out for him though as it's too easy to trip over him when I'm cooking in the kitchen.

Comfort is our old cat, purring and snuggling closer to my Old Man. 

"Yeah, I understand KiKi."  Wherever SM is, you can find KiKi curled up close by.

When I need comfort myself, I hug SM. There's just something about snuggling my face into his neck that comforts me. I breathe in his scent and feel myself relax. (I swear I could be blindfolded and would be able to pick SM out of a lineup by his scent alone.)

And of course there's always comfort food and since today is Thanksgiving we are all about cooking up our favorite comfort foods.  On our menu today?  Likely the same thing you're cooking.  Turkey with all the yummy sides.  My favorite things are the cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and butternut squash. 

SM, on the other hand, loves it all. 

And later, after the mess is all cleaned up and the turkey carcass is in the soup pot, I'm sure we'll all doze a bit, exhausted from a tough day.

Comfort.  That's what Thanksgiving is all about for me. 

What brings you comfort today?


  1. No turkey here--we're having steaks on the grill-YUM!
    After that-a hike at a nature preserve and home for pumpkin pie.....a PERFECT day!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your post just brought me comfort. Lovely. Soothing. Perfect for this Thanksgiving Day. Happy start of the holiday season to you, SM and all your critters.

  3. Love those critters. Enjoy your day!

  4. Being home with just my family, knowing that we have 4 days together. That's enough.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. What a wonderful sight seeing how comfortable your family is! Have a Happy Thanksgiving today.