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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I (Heart) Hoodies

For the past 10 years I have made LL Bean richer by buying their fleece pullovers.  Love em!

I simply call them "Shells".  I've worn them constantly at home during cooler weather for years now.  Until recently.

I've discovered that during a hot flash, you just can't get these things off fast enough and trust me, I can move pretty freakin fast when the flame comes on.

So I bought some hoodies on sale while at Kohls a few months ago for 2 reasons.  They were cotton (which becomes your new best friend during menopause) and they had a zip front which I figured would help with temperature regulation and ease of removal.  Both of these are huge assets but I've discovered a third reason to love my hoodies.

The hood itself.

Whenever I google for information about (peri) menopause, you find all sorts of information on managing hot flashes, moodyness and sleep disruption.  But whats bothering me the most right now is that my thermostat seems completely busted. 

As in I'm having hot flashes AND bone deep shivering cold chills. 

As in freezing. 

As in WTF?!? 

But I'm beginning to believe these temperature swings are causing my headaches/migraines.  Yes, they're back @:(

For about the past month now I've had 24 hour, 2-3 times a week, "Jesus-God, kill me now!" headaches.  Even my combination of Tylenol, caffeine and chocolate is starting to fail me.

I've even taken some of SM's percocet.  THAT kicked it, but "Geez" what a lousy option.  And not an option I can use while at work.

One day, after spending several hours freezing in the OR with a massive, eye squinching migraine, I put my hoodie on and pulled the lid over my top.  Sitting in my bosses office afterwards, having our post sx pow-wow, I noticed my headache starting to go away. 


Another time while suffering a migraine,  I took a percocet.  A little better, but still there.  Then took a really hot shower and let it pound on the back of my head.  The headache went away.


So now, for the past few weeks I've been running around home (and work) with a hoodie on.  If my head starts to feel chilly, on put the lid back on.

SM  has taken to calling me "his little uni-bomber."

How scary is that? 

(Except I don't have the mustache thing going on.)

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  1. Well, drat about the migraines. Very interesting about the hoodies though. I love my hoodies. As long as my head is warm, I'm great. Who knew?