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Monday, February 25, 2013


I took today off as a paid day from work. 

Kinda had to. 

My employers have a cap on how many hours you can accrue and I was coming very close to the dead line.  This happened last year too as I like to take vacation time when the weather is nice (i.e. NOT in Winter)

Last year I took a week off in March and swore I'd never do that again.  Cold, nasty and rainy it was.  Yuck.  A big, fat waste of my time.

So this year I'm just taking a day off here and there as needed until my big Annual April Staycation.

Anyhow, yesterday was a lovely day.  Sunshine and in the 60's.  I was outside for most of the day working in the yard.

I removed the pine straw from the strawberry beds, curious as to what I'd find.


No...Let us have the truth now, Tami.

Here's the garden as of this morning. 

After I'd done some weeding, prepped the hoop house bed and the onion bed. 

I'd hoped that maybe I'd plant all my Spring stuff (lettuce, peas, carrots and onions) this coming weekend but the forecast is for temps in the 40's and low's in the twenties so I think I'll have to delay things a bit longer.

Mama Nature psyching me back, I suppose.  Experience has taught me though, that when Spring hit's in the South, she hits hard. 

As in BAM!

So we're in a holding pattern for now.  Heavy rain expected tomorrow too.

I did manage to prune back the last of the monster rose bushes.  This is where I think I'll rake back the mulch, build a bit of a split rail support and back fill soil for a cutting flower bed. 

I'll still have flowers in the garden too, but I might as well have some color outside of the veggie garden.

Notice that the apple trees in the background got a haircut too.  This is their 4th year and we haven't gotten any fruit yet.  Maybe this year?

We also want to expand the porch area this year so SM has been slowly chopping away at the Palmetto Grass I planted when we first moved here. 

They are lovely but really need to be away from the house as burning them each Spring is the easiest way to keep them in check.


As I was taking these pictures I noticed that our new neighbors tossed their cardboard (from their move) over the fence. 

Yeah me!  Nothing brightens my day more than free cardboard for the garden!

The dogs had a ball yesterday.  Mud covered but tired from all the racing around they did.  Both girls pulled up lame this morning.

And while I didn't pull up lame, I was certainly stiff. 

Nothing that a few glasses of wine won't cure @;)


  1. Methinks I will be getting my "spring fix" from you for the next couple of months! Although with our low amount of snow this year, the ground will be showing early, that's not to say we'll have warm weather any sooner than usual!

  2. Yeah I was thinking of starting the onions etc. this weekend too but after I saw the forecast, no way. Who knows, it may change by then. But I will not complain about the rain. Hopefully there will not be any 'drought' warnings this year. And at least you have green grass. Try looking at dormant brown all winter. Yuck!

  3. Did the neighbors throw it over the fence for you? If so, I guess you have some new friends. Glad you had good conditions for being outside on your day off. Enjoy the rain today!

  4. Last July, on my 18th year anniversary at work, our new payroll system thought they were going to rob me of 160 hours of PTO Yes, ONE HUNDRED & SIXTY HOURS!! (we don't have vacation per se - we can use it for "personal time off") I had over 300 hours accrued (what can I say, I never get sick and there was never time to take days off) as we had never had a cap on our PTO til we got a new controller - so you can bet that I went and had a little conversation with her - Luckily she agreed to reinstate it, but I had to come up with a plan to get down below 160 hours before the end of the year. So I took lots of 4 day weekends, and did end up getting paid out for about 50 hours of time. I'll take a staycation in Apirl, and we go to Eugene Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering in June. But, I'm still going to have to figure out how to take those other two weeks over the rest of the year. Glad you were able to make good use of your day. T.