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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Second Coming

I often call Scooter Pastahead. 

His head is so full of noodles and he is the most difficult dog to read. 

He seemed at deaths door at 7am.  Dry mouthed and limp.  Refused the cottage cheese I offered. 

Eyeball's were barely cracked.  Couldn't be bothered to move. 

Within a 1/2 hour of calling the Vet (who still hasn't returned my call BTW) I heard Scooter taking a drink of water. 

Then pacing. 

Outside to pee?  Yep. 

Back inside. 

Another drink. 

How about some rice?  Yes?

Well, look at that. 

The little bastard just wanted to sleep in this morning.  Wanted some human chow.  Even as we speak, SM is giving him a bit more rice.


I guess I've been played.  Not for the first time.

For sure won't be the last.


  1. Well, great big WHEW!! I'll bet he'd feel even better if you made him a nice, big, juicy hamburger. (Hold the pickle and mustard, please.) Or cooked, warm chicken to go with his rice would probably appeal to him, too. Maybe a little gravy?

    So, so glad he's feeling better.

  2. I've actually opened cans of SALMON for my older (go over there and poke her to make sure she's still alive) cat.

    They totally know how to play us. Totally. :)