"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Friday, May 17, 2013

Know Thyself

I was approached this week by another Dr (with whom I am acquainted) who is looking to find a "Practice Administrator" for his office.

He called me to see if I knew anybody I would recommend but also asked if I might be interested myself. 

(SM calls this the sideways offer.)

"Ten years ago...Yes."  I replied to his query.  "Now?  I'm not so sure...But I've learned to never say never.  I'll think about it." 

I did have someone in mind who had just moved back to Charlotte who I thought might be a good match for him and passed the message along to her.

But the thought has laid in the back of my mind since.  Would I want to toss my hat into the ring?  This Dr has approached me with job offers several times over the past ten years.  I go in, we dance, I turn him down. 

I'm simply happy where I'm at.

But being a "Practice Administrator" would tend to indicate a big jump in pay.  SM feels I should consider it based on that fact alone while I feel it's more work and responsibility than I want at this point in my life.

So it comes down to this...

When questions like this come up, I find that the Universe has a funny way of pointing you down the right path. 

My own "Dr Boss" is out of the office on vacation for two whole weeks. 

She runs the show around here but when she's not around everyone tends to come to me with problems, issues or concerns. 

When that happens I'm kinda like Mini-Me.

So I suck it up and deal with it and the ball keeps rolling and generally no one gets hurt while the cat is away.  Once "Dr Boss" is back, the crown is once more placed on her head and life goes on as before.

Yesterday at work I put out more fires than ever.  (Why does this always happen when she's away?) 

Two days into her vacation and my feet are already smoldering and my nerves are already slightly fried.


I think I have my answer.

Not just no.  Hell, No!


  1. What a wise woman you are! I once held a job I loved in a big company. An "advancement" position was posted but I did not apply for it because I was very happy where I was. The VP looking for the new assistant had a friend of his (also in the company) come talk to me and he twisted my arm to apply for the new job. You know the rest of the story. Danged if I didn't get the new job, but was never very happy doing it (yup, way too much pressure). Oh, if only I had been as wise as you in staying where you're happy and comfortable and (mostly) sane. ;o)

  2. Funny how your heart(and gut)both know almost instantly what your mind has to ponder, lol And I, like you, think the universe sends along signals/signs of confirmation of direction!

    It's always nice to be sought out and great to be wanted for a position. But contentment is worth far more than any title or salary upgrade.

    Kudos to you for both considering AND (still) listening to your inner self!


  3. Yes, I agree, it's always wise to go with your gut. It knows more than any of us give it credit for.