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Friday, November 1, 2013


I had a prompt on my laptop this week.

"Want to upgrade to Windows 8.1?"

These sorts of things should not be offered to a middle aged, menopausal, slightly sleep deprived woman at 4 in the morning.

I thought "Sure" and started the download and took off for my morning rounds with the dogs. 

Back inside, still downloading. 

Showered and blow dried, still downloading.

By this time SM is up.  "Whatcha doing?"

I explained what I'd done. 

SM started shaking his head.  "I wouldn't if I were you."

"Well, it's more than halfway done."  I blew him off thinking Microsoft and I knew best.


Download complete, I now discover that my ability to interact with my mouse and keyboard has been severely compromised.  As in I have to click (or tap) my mouse on the screen every few seconds in order to be engaged.  Typing or scrolling through an article is an every few second thing.

I had Friday off so I spent most of the morning with Microsoft and HP tech support.  Bottom line is that they're both pointing their fingers at each other.

So after trying several fixes I asked HP to help me do a system recovery.  I don't have that much on here that I'd loose sleep over loosing it. 

Turns out that I don't have a recovery platform on this computer. 

Huh?  (I might not have been born yesterday...)


HP danced around that issue a bit blaming 8.1 but in the end I pointed out that I'm under warranty till the end of the month, so HP is going to do a "bench repair" where I ship my laptop to HP and they bring it back to normal.

Lesson learned. 

Next time I'll be getting a Mac.

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