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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Chores

We had a pretty rainy week as a weather system decided to sit on top of us and do it's late afternoon dump every day.

The garden appreciated all the rain as I haven't been watering.  SM points out that we're entering our mid-Summer slump.  "Everything's done."  He points out.

Except the flowers...Yeah me!

We seem to be entering a mid-Summer slump in our routines too.  Kinda like in Jan/Feb when it seems like Winter will never be over and you're just wishing for something different in your daily life. 

SM and I just can't get enough of Spring and Fall weather.  We love that time of year.  LOVE IT!  Winter and Summer, meh...

Good thing we have chores to do @;)

SM went out to mow the lawn while I was at work yesterday and said it practically killed him to push that mower through the high, thick, dense lawn. 

"Are you going to get the riding mower fixed now?"  I asked.
"Nah.  It's good exercise for me." 
Hm.  Better him than me!

When I got home I went out and raked the clumps of grass while Scooter decided to turn into a cow and eat some of the clumps.  Geez!

SM and I will be working on the deck this weekend as sunshine and heat (95!)are both predicted.  We're getting to the point where we can split off and do different tasks.  SM finishing the trim work and I can head into the cleaning, painting and staining department.  

I actually enjoy painting and staining.  We're planning on a mixture of both.  Paint around the roof and deck fascia so it will blend with the house.  Then clear stain on the ceiling with cedar stain on the floor.  We've used CWF by Flood on our deck boards for years. 

I checked out other brands like Sherwin Williams and Behr but the reviews are more on the negative side so we'll stick with what works.

Before all that can happen though, I need to clean off all the pencil marks, concrete splash, dirt and blood (? Yes...a few splats) off the wood.

Not blood, just dirt.

Inch by angonizing inch.  (sigh)

I have armed myself with pencil erasers, diluted beach and scrubby pads of various types.

Thank Goodness the T&G is clean!

It's gonna be a long weekend...


  1. At least you'll (maybe?) be able to work in the shade most of the time on the deck. We're experiencing our second day of summer (yes, we're numbering them here this year) here today. Way up in the 80s . . . a real scorcher for us.

  2. A midsummer slump doesn't sound so bad to me right now. :) Ours will be delayed this year because we planted a second tomato garden and after the deer ate all our okra I planted more beans, meaning we'll have a second wave of summer crops. But I expect we'll have a breather in early September, before the fall crops kick in. Then maybe we'll have a chance to catch up on some chores too. :)