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Thursday, November 6, 2014

F is For...Flirting Over Fifty?

We went shopping for groceries last Saturday and SM wanted to stop by BoJangles for a sausage biscuit since someone around here didn't make him his breakfast. 


Anyhow, we go through the drive thru and SM gets his bag and asks for a couple of katsup packet's and then tosses it all onto my lap as he continues to drive.

I pull the biscuits out of their wrapper and try to pry them apart so I can squeeze some katsup on them.  

"Man, these biscuits are fresh!  They're hot AND falling apart!"

To which SM replies,

"Just like you, Baby... Hot AND falling apart."

Can't fault his observational skills now can I?
By the way...This is what passes for flirting when you're over fifty.

Just so ya know. @;)


  1. SM has some great one-liners. :-)

    1. Yes, he does and he almost always makes me laugh!

  2. You should publish this stuff in a book

  3. I might have slugged him in the arm for that comment! ...and ate his biscuit!

    How about fantastic for fifty!

    1. At first, I actually took the "Hot" comment as in "good looking".

      It wasn't until later that I actually thought about it as in "hotflash". True enough. Thank God we can laugh about getting older.

  4. I don't think you have to worry about SM not still flirting with you . . . even if it is by saying things that could be taken more than one way! A sense of humor goes a loooong way to keeping a relationship healthy!

  5. I love 'listening' to you two. It gives me hope - and a good laugh.