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Saturday, November 8, 2014

H is For... Hard Frost? Hoar Frost?

Monday morning we had a really hard frost.

When I went outside around 7ish to start up my car and let it defrost for a bit, I noticed how beautiful the dying plants were.

So I grabbed the camera and went around the house and garden snapping pictures of the beauty of our first hard frost. 

It's not quite a true hoar frost but some crystals are showing on the flowers.

Look at the detail and beauty of that dying bloom.

How often can you say that?  I mean, Yes...Fall is a beautiful time of the year with the leaves changing colors but that happens slowly where a hard frost hits fast and overnight everything's changed. 


One moment vibrant, colorful and alive, the next wilting, softening and browning out.

A nice reminder of the phases this life brings to all of us.  Plants, animals and human beings alike.

Here's to hoping that our own hard frost is a bit further down the road still.


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  1. Truly lovely pictures you captured. You were out there at just the right time. Thanks for sharing.