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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Henbit Heaven

We had an absolutely gorgeous day here yesterday.  Sunny with a light breeze and 73 degrees.

Perfect for an afternoon spent out on the back porch swing.  SM joined me there during half-times of "The Madness" and it was nice to talk and read a book.

I even took a nap...HA!

I made an effort to do some yard work but I really can't seem to stand being in direct sunlight anymore.  Maybe I need more time to acclimate to warmer weather.  Funny how that goes, isn't it?

Anyway, I knew today was supposed to be mild but overcast so it should be perfect conditions for me to spend sometime out in the garden doing some cleaning up.

Look at what I get to do today.

Now, I'm not the type of girl who needs to know the name of every freakin weed out in the world but this year I was curious as to the nature of this invasive weed.  I see it every year in the late winter, early spring.  The heat of Summer kills it back so I never worried too much about it.  

This year though it's become a monster.  So I figured I ought to at least know what it's name is so I can introduce myself as spend some time today yoinking it all out.

Well...Hello Henbit.  You can read more about it here but I had to laugh at this description that I found on the NCSU website...

Henbit is a common winter annual or biennial weed found in North Carolina waste areas.

Waste Areas?  
Geez...Thanks a lot!

Now Deadnettle and Henbit look a lot alike but Henbit has a square stem.  Unsure of what I actually had, I went out in the predawn and snapped a piece off and brought it into the house for a closer look.

Yep...Square stem for sure.  

Since I try to keep an organic garden (ha) I'll be spending the day out pulling me some henbit.  

SM is still asleep as I type this.  Hopefully I can get him out there to help.
Whaaa Haaa Ha.


  1. Ah, yes, if only we lived closer. There's nothing I enjoy more than yoinking out weeds. (At least the ones that yoink out fairly easily.) I know fellow gardeners look at me strangely when I go on about how much I like weeding, but I do. So there. Just think. You and I could spend a few hours making your "wasteland" (ha!) free of henbit, no doubt chattering away nonstop, while I got a good dose of real spring time weather (which won't arrive up here in northern MN for another couple of months). Maybe SM would be so happy not to have to do any weeding that he'd even grill us up a yummy lunch. Sounds like a good day to me. ;o}

  2. Actually, I believe that is Purple Dead Nettle. Very similar and they come out about the same time. I'm actually working on a post about it for tomorrow and I'll have pictures of both henbit and purple dead nettle, so check in to see if it's what you've got.

  3. I've got some henbit, too. At least its fairly easy to pull up. And it grows places other than NC, too!!

  4. So that's what that stuff is! I should know this, shouldn't I! At least it's easy to pull.