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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


We had a bumper crop of winter squash this year and I (being the type to put off till tomorrow what I should do today) cleaned and stored the squash in our guest bedroom which is rather cool and dark.

The guest bedroom just so happens to be right next door to the main bathroom in the house so as you walk by, it's just natural to glance over into that room.

SM says it looks like a bunch of minions gathered together.  

I must say he's spot-on in his observation. 

Image result for minions

Too bad though.  Now that the weather is cooler and I have more time off from work, the "minions" will be chopped up and roasted in the dutch oven and then mashed with butter, salt and pepper to accompany our holiday meals.

Oh Yum...Minions never tasted so good.


  1. What a nice crop of 'minions' you have! I didn't bother to plant winter squash this year, as it is usually hit by something - wilt, borers, you name it. I just peeled and cut up the king of the minions - six pounds cubed! Got it at a local farm. Now, that's my kind of gardening...have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Tami!

  2. Ooooh, just think of all the possibilities for those Minions! Enjoy each morsel! Have a great Thanksgiving, y'all.