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Saturday, November 28, 2015

They've Got My Number

Uh, Oh...Look what came in the mail yesterday. 

Image result for 2016 rare seeds
It's Officially Seed Porn Season

Baker Creek has such pretty catalogs.
I swear this is the earliest I've ever gotten it.

And I'm SUPER happy to have it.  
I usually do my online ordering before Christmas anyway.  
I'll have to make a plan involving my next paycheck...:)

Speaking of seeds, I'm doing another seed save from the "Minions" that did so well.  I really do love the Pennsylvania Dutch Long Necks that Baker Creek offered a few years ago.  That nice long neck offers up some good eating.  This years harvest was actually from the squash seeds I saved from last year.

And I have 3 mason jars full of dried Zinnia flower heads.  I've never tried a Zinnia seed save.  Lynda out in California says she does it every year so I'm hopeful that I can manage it too.  

I drop around $50 in flower seeds every year.  And I'll do it again as a back up this year.  I plan on planting my "seed save" batch in a totally different bed so that way I can see if I was sucessful or not. 

What other seeds save do you all do that work for you.
Any tricks?


  1. I save most of my natives-milkweed, cosmos, beach sunflower, salvia as well as Florida-friendly favorites and others-marigolds, zinnias, and others. It's great to be able to swap seeds with folks who want to try something new.
    I know you'll enjoy your seed catalogs. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  2. A few seed catalogs have started to trickle in here too, but I always look forward to Baker Creek.
    My wife is better at seed saving than I am. She saves flower and herb seeds. I'm in charge of the vegetables and I do a crummy job of it. We save the really easy things, like garlic, potatoes and peas, but I need to step it up this year and expand that a lot.

  3. I have saved zinnia seeds for three years now. The first year I did it, they had a very high sprout/survive rate. The second year was not quite as successful, but could have been due to bad weather. This fall I only saved seeds from my favorite colors, and will buy and plant seeds this coming spring. It is much cheaper to save seeds to plant.