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Friday, January 22, 2016

SM Spider Wrangler

** I am dedicating JANUARY 2016 as the month of the "rewind".  I'm going to highlight some of my personal favorite posts this month. Enjoy these Blasts From The Past. ***

The other morning I got in the shower and noticed a spider up on the ceiling in the corner.  Our ceilings are high enough that you just can't swat at it. 

Later I said to SM "Hey, did you see there's a spider in the shower?"

"Yeah." Sm responds.  "It wasn't moving so I figured it was dead."  That's what happens around here.  If it ain't moving it must be dead and some kind of cosmic absorption will happen so we don't have to deal with it.

The next day I go into the bathroom and notice the spider has moved out of the corner but still in the ceiling crack.  Still too high to deal with it. 

But now I know it's alive.

"Itsy, bitsy spider...." I sing to myself in the shower.

Yesterday morning the spider is still on the ceiling but has moved directly over the spot where I stand and transform myself everyday.  You know...the blow dry and plaster station.

But today he's dangling. 

I eyeball him.  His spidey sense must have picked up on my vibe. 

He extends one long, thin creepy leg in acknowledgement.

That's it.  

I march into SM office where he's checking email and say "Hey...That freakin spider is directly over my head.  He's gonna drop down on me for sure if I turn the blow dryer on.  Come in and deal with it.  Kill it or save it I don't care just get him outta there." 

SM is tender hearted when it comes to bugs.  He saves them if he can.

SM comes into the bathroom with a plastic cup and an envelope that has one of our utility bills in it.  He stretches and gently taps the spider onto the envelope and then into the cup.

"Happy now?"  He asks.

"Yes!  Thank you Mr Spider Wrangler."

And all is right with the world.

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  1. Doesn't SM know by now that is what husbands are for?? ;o}