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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wedding Vows 2 .0

SM has had his first bout with sciatica this summer.  
Poor baby.

For the past two months, SM has been moaning and grouching and sighing over his pinched nerve, back pain, foot pain, knee pain, shoulder pain....

Did I forget something?

Oh yeah, butt pain.

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Some days are better and some days are worse but the general cure for such maladies is gentle stretching, gentle exercise and time.  Lots of time.

We went out shopping early this morning and SM had some difficulty getting in and out of the Camry.  He's used to his SUV and Minivan which have the higher seats.

Anyhow, we get back to the house, unload and SM announces he's going to do a lap around the neighborhood.

He sits at the kitchen table to put his shoes and socks on.  I look over and he's bent over trying to put his sock on his left foot (which is the sciatica leg). He can't reach it.  He sits up and see's me looking at him and holds out his sock to me.

"Well, this is an new one."  I say struggling to get the sock on his foot.  "Need me to wipe your butt yet?"  I asked laughing.

"No.  I would never expect you to do that."  SM said.

"Why not??  I asked.  "I meant it when I said that I'd love, honor and cherish you.  I'm in it for the long haul mister."  I say pointing my wifely finger at him.

"Well, I don't remember that being in our wedding vows."  SM pauses.  "You know, it's been thirty years.  Maybe we need to update our wedding vows.  The 2.0 version."

I start laughing and say..."I promise to love, honor and wipe your butt?  Is that it?"

"I ain't wiping your butt.  But I will stick you in the shower and hose you off."  SM replies with a grin.

"Thanks Sweetie...I knew I could count on you."

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