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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Color Explosion

When I just can't take the gray dreariness of winter anymore, I whip out a puzzle. 

I have bought about 15 puzzles from Springbok Puzzles over this past year.  I like Springbok because of the size of their pieces.  

I'm older now and wear readers for close up work so I'm not interested in those teeny tiny puzzle pieces anymore.  Plus the quality of their puzzles is very good.  

This one is just what I needed.  

"SpringTime Cookies" by Rebecca Weld is a 500 piece puzzle with lots of color and patterns.

I was curious about Rebecca Weld and so I Googled her to find out more.  
Oh My! 
Check out her portfolio. The Cookie Architect

I have never tried cookie decorating although I am fascinated by the HGTV shows on cookie and cake decorating and gingerbread houses.  

I even watched a show about a National Sugar Artist Championship and Wedding Cake Championship held in Tulsa Oklahoma. The artistry is amazing.

There is a part of me that wants to order a bunch of piping bags and tips and give it a try.  
Maybe I will.
But I probably won't.  
Too much work.
In the meantime, I will enjoy my puzzle.

Have any of you tried cake or cookie decorating?


  1. I do make an attempt at cookie decorating (have never tried decorating a cake) at Christmas and Valentine's Day, but I call my decorating "rustic." Very rustic. On the other hand, my daughter has the piping bags, tips, special colorings, sprinkles, etc. and is a whiz at it. I'm not tempted to learn. As someone just said, "Too much work." ;o)

  2. Have you ever seen Bev’s cookies on Bee Haven Acres? She is a master!

    I love puzzles too. Thanks for the link.