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Friday, February 12, 2021

These Boots

It may sound strange to all of you but a few months ago I purchased my first pair of muck-around boots.  

And I am in love.

I have wanted a pair of muck-around boots FOREVER but could never quite take the leap.  


Because this girl owns eighty million pairs of tennis shoes, that's why.  

Technically they are athletic running shoes because I walk a lot. Around and around the neighborhood I go, making laps to get my 10K steps in.  These shoes look good even after they have broken down to the point where my feet start to hurt which is my clue to order another pair.

Since these tennis shoes still look like they are in good shape, I move them to the back porch or garage to be used for "work around the house" shoes.  

Which is fine. Except for one little thing. They aren't waterproof.

I can't walk across the yard without them getting soaking wet.  

I can't putter around the garden without getting half an inch of mud up and around and into them. 

Weeds slice at my ankles. 

Bugs and skeeters nibble up my legs.  


And so I said that I had had enough.  

Now these boots proudly sit beside my back door waiting for my dainty size eleven's to slide into their cozy dryness.

I clomp out to the bird feeders and clomp into the shed.  

I clomp taking the trash out and clomp back up the steps and admire the reflection of my boots in my door window.

I can even get the neighbors dog to bark at me as I clomp by him.  "Hello Huck!"

Most times, I have on my house-shorts on as a make a quick run outside clomping around in my muck-boots.  
I'm sure the neighbors are taking notes as a pirouette around my yard like a go-go dancer in a strip bar.

Too bad these are basic black.  

I might need to get a pair that are a bit more Bedazzled.


  1. Shorts? SHORTS?!! You have on shorts this time of year?? Oh, that's right. You live where you aren't having the exhilarating experience of -40° wind chills outside as we speak.

    Good for you on the purchase of your muck boots. Mud, yuck, slush, glop, high weeds, bird feeding chores, unidentified material you step in, you're ready. Congratulations.

  2. I felt the same way when I got my Sloggers. I really feel invincible in them. No amount of muck or mud can penetrate.

  3. I can relate - I love my muck boots! Mine are black too, but I am so tempted to get a pair of the pretty patterned ones. I only need one pair though . . .