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Thursday, February 23, 2012

That Flirty Girl

I woke up the other night with my eyes watering and my nose itching.  You know, that itch no amount of rubbing gets rid of?  I got up and sat in the lazy boy trying to fall back asleep, wondering if I was getting a cold, when it hits me.  Allergies!  Well, duh!

So I took my first allergy pill of the season and found immediate relief. 

But in case I needed any confirmation that that flirty girl...Spring was paying us a visit, all I needed to do was to look around me.

Ouch, scratch, and sniff.

Ouch?  SM's gouty toe is my compass to any seasonal changes we might be experiencing.

His gout usually flares up in the Spring and Fall and SM has complained of the pain the past few days, enough so that he took a percocet last night to help him be comfortable enough to fall asleep.  "Go to happy place Squeetie Man!"

Scratch?  Ginny is scratching double time right now.  I feel SO sorry for her constant scratching that I've increasing her allergy medication by half. 

Sniff?  Well, that's just me and my allergies but I actually do have tears in my eyes for another reason.  It's supposed to be a record breaking 76 degrees today and I'm in "the meat locker" (aka: surgery) this afternoon so by the time I get out I might, just might catch me a few moments with that flirty girl.

She's such a tease!


  1. What a great analogy! Although I'd occasionally call Spring a dirty whore for all the mud and heavy rains she'll be freely bombarding us with soon! :)

  2. love your analogy! thankfully i don't have allergies but I agree that Ms Spring is flirty - 54 today and snow predicted for saturday. Can't wait for to get moving with warmer weather :)

  3. Ha! I'm with Carolyn Renee in that I'm no fan of spring. Never have been. Spring is MUD as far as I'm concerned. Plus the fact that we don't really have a spring season up here near the tundra. We tend to go from dang-will-winter-never-end? right into summer days of 70+ degrees.

    Condolences to you and your hubby for your spring time gouty toe and allergies. I am happy to say I've never suffered either of those nasties.

  4. (Laughing...) Dirty Whore! Well she is THAT too...

  5. I'm with you on the allergy mess. But I did get outside this afternoon, only to get blown away.