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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Man And His Truck

SM and I talked about the front yard "plan" yesterday morning over coffee.  What to do about those big ass bushes.  SM as usual got to the heart of the matter.

"Do you like them enough to keep them or do you want me to rip them out?"  SM asked.

"I absolutely HATE them but I don't want you killing yourself trying to get them out."  I replied, concerned. 

"H (our next door neighbor) had a landscape service come in and rip his out.  He said they dug out 15 root balls with a backhoe."  I said.

"Let's see what happens."  SM said shrugging, preparing himself for a day of hard labor.

And hard labor it was. 

But SM and I have this trick.  If we can wrap a rope around it and yank it out with the truck, well then...

In all SM shoveled, hacked and axed his way through all 3 Hollies and a huge "who knows what it is" on that lived on the corner of the house.

NEVER underestimate a man and his truck.

I also trimmed down the 4 boxwoods on the other side hoping we might be able to pull those out easily with the truck.  Nope.  And by that time both SM and I were exhausted.  We'll save digging those out for another day.

We cleaned up using the truck to transfer the root balls back behind the shed to dry out before we burn them.  The limbs were deposited closer to the fire pit to dry out and will likely be burned in a few weeks.

"We should have done this years ago."  SM said, tossing limbs into the pickup.

"Well, at least it's done now before we're too old and feeble to do it ourselves."  I joked.

So now we've got a clean slate. 

What's left?  A mature white crepe myrtle tree, the hydrangea I planted last year, the Japanese maple and the towering birch that will likely have to come down at some point. 

So what will we plant?  Definitely low maintenance plants.  SM wants seasonal color and his only request so far is azaleas.  OK, I'm fine with that.  I'm planning on lots of perennials like variegated hosta, irises and some decorative grasses.  Flowers too.

Simple.  Clean.  Colorful.

Not a bad way to go and MUCH easier to maintain.


  1. That was a lot of hard work! Glad you like the finished product. I'd definitely look into natives if you want low-maintenance. You'll save time, energy and money.

  2. That was a lot of work! I know because I did something similar a bunch of years ago. A truck with a chain is definitely the way to go. Back then I had to hire mine.

    Here's a replacement suggestion: Nandina.

    The leaves turn red(ish) in the fall and the red berries are very pretty. The birds seem to leave the berries alone so you won't end up with a red splotch decorated car.

  3. I agree, that is a LOT of hard work. Well established plants don't like to be disturbed. It looks quite lovely.

  4. Hostas are nice especially the striped ones.What about roses?Those would look really pretty and they are low maintence.

  5. I'll bet your neighbors just shake their heads at all that you two accomplish around your yard! Probably makes them feel very lazy . . . and I'll bet yours is one of the most (if not THE most) attractive piece of property around. We've known how lovely your back yard and garden area is. Now we're getting a look-see at the front of your place, too. Please keep us all updated on what you do decide to plant out there.

  6. It looks nice. I love the crepe myrtle. It's one of my favorites. I always sadi if you can do it yourself with what you have, then do it! I bet y'all saved a ton of money. And the satisfaction of doing it too. Good job!