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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Walk

The garden is really starting to ramp it up now.  Temps are ranging from upper 60's to mid 80's.  We've had a dry week so far but we're expecting rain here Sunday and Monday.  Overall, I'd say we're about a week or two behind usual production.  I'm usually eating beans, squash and cukes by now.

So what's happening out in the garden?

I can't tell you how many hours I spent clearing out rotten berries from the beds from the 3 inches of rain we had 2 weeks ago.  What a mess! While in there, I also cut back some of the leaves to improve circulation.  I will definitely be thinning these beds out this fall.


The strawberries and I have settled into a manageable every other day picking routine.  About a gallon each time I pick.  Perfect for fresh eating.

The lettuce is still hanging in there but I'm expecting it to bolt at any moment.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the shade cloth might help extend the season. 

It has certainly helped the sweet bell peppers who seem to be bouncing back from the sun scald I gave them a few weeks ago. 

The sugar peas are done and pulled. I planted another batch of Japanese Cukes in their place.  The same cukes I direct sowed in mid April are finally starting to gain some size and putting out a blossom or two.  

The yellow string beans are blooming and so is the yellow summer squash. 

I went ahead and planted another batch of beans along with the winter squashes.  Since SVB's are so bad here I planted only Waltham Butternut and Dutch Crookneck (new for me) based on other bloggers recommendations.  I'm keeping my finger crossed.  I LOVE winter squash!

No pumpkins at all this year (why bother.)  Can you hear SM crying?  The man does love his punkins but too bad Baby!  Go buy them.

The onions are starting to size up.

The tomatoes are starting to put out blooms.  SM was trying to pull them this way and that to tie them to his fence support system but they're still a little too short.  Give them another week and they'll be tall enough.  They're looking good.  Strong, healthy and green.  This might be a banner year for tomatoes!

Oh!  I pulled up the carrots I'd planted back in February.  It's a nice haul and they're sweeter than what I thought they'd be. 

I'm not a fan of summer harvested carrots.  They tend to get bitter in our hot climate but SM and I eat SO MANY carrots that it seemed silly not try.  Funny how all this cool weather helped in that department.  I hope to replant in July for a Winter harvest.

We might get a handful of blueberries.  Might.

And I attacked the apple trees this week and thinned them out.  Boy, was that hard trimming off perfectly good apples but I'd rather do that than have itty bitty ones. 

And last but not least, Sally is drooping. 

Either her boobs have dropped and the poor girl needs underwire fast or she's developing the menopausal spare tire that afflicts so many of us.

Sorry, Sister...It happens to the best of us!


  1. Ha! Poor Sally has succumbed to the ills of time and heat like everyone else!

    Your carrots look amazing! Wow, I'm so impressed with everything you're growing. You've really been at it this year. Enjoy the bounty!

  2. Your garden looks great. I'm just planting out in Zone 6B. He had our last frost a week ago, so things are finally heating up. Loving the scarecrow. Unfortunately, we ladies will all end up with a droop. Looks like Sally reached hers.

  3. The garden looks fabulous, and Poor Sally!! ROFL