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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preventative Actions

More rain.

After a deluge 2 weeks ago, then a week of drying out, we're now back into a cycle of rain with a tropical system sweeping up  offering more rain for the next few days.  2-3 inches forecast here.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not bitching.


As long as we get a few days to dry out in between that would be fine by me.

I've seen ya'lls blogs with pictures of transplants struggling in ponding water.  And I'm sure that plenty of you would love to have all this rain after last years drought.

I squished my out to the garden this morning to give things a look see.  No ponding in the garden but plenty of ponding in the low spots of the yard. 

Casey scared up a rabbit and the chase was on with Casey plowing through the yard sending up water like a jet ski.  Whoosh.  I swear she came in for her rub down with a smile on her face.

I noticed that the winter squash I planted a few days ago are coming up.  The slugs happened to notice it too so I went to the shed and grabbed the DE and sprinkled a generous amount on the hills.  Little bastards.  How dare they munch on my tender vittles?

I commented a few posts ago on how well the tomatoes are looking this year.  Green and healthly and they're just now starting to put out blooms.  It was time to fertilize so I sprinkled a (new to me) slow release tomato fertilizer from Gardener's Supply across the bed.  I also tossed some Epsom salts in for good measure.

Shockingly, I don't see any evidence of SVB's or squash bugs. 


I wonder if the colder winter zapped them.  Wouldn't THAT be lovely?


  1. I've been picking squash bug eggs off my volunteer squash for like a week now...and there's no end in sight. Weird thing about it is, I have only seen like a half-dozen squash bugs. I think they're on to me and send out an alarm when I open the garden gate. Bastards, indeed.

  2. I will say that I am not complaining about the rain at all. Three days of rain and four days of mid 80s temps. YES! I know that won't happen.

    1. OK, now I'm complaining. You may see me come floating by in my ark if this doesn't let up. Sadly next Wednesday looks like the next clear day.

    2. AND one of the confirmation words was 'drowning.' I kid you not.