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Friday, April 25, 2014

Surgical Gardening

There was a day last week that had a brilliant blue sky. 

I had been outside working in the yard, pulling weeds and such, and thought I'd take a picture of the English Oak blooming against that gorgeous sky.

Here's the picture that I took. 

I then set the IPad down on the mulch to yoink out a couple of weeds that I'd spotted when suddenly I had a cluster bomb of curious pups checking it out.

I snuck my finger in to snap the camera wondering what I'd get.  Here's the only shot worth posting. 

And "Yes", that's my ear along with a facemask that I stole from work.  I wear masks whenever I'm outside in the springtime to help keep me from inhaling too much pollen.

Just in case you thought gardening was a sterile procedure around here @;)


  1. At first I was going to say that I wished we could see more of your face than just your ear . . . but I guess with the surgical mask on we wouldn't have been able to see much more anyway! :o)

    1. Yep. Ballcap and mask? Not much to see trust me.

  2. Looking at your pup is the same 'view' that I had while exercising on the floor, yesterday. Hampton just couldn't contain himself when he saw me on the floor, he just knew that I was down there waiting for him to climb on me (and consequently trap me until Jr came to pull him off).
    I wonder if I could get Captain to wear a mask to help with his allergies. Great idea!

    1. It DOES help. Yesterday I didn't wear it and spent much of last night congested and blowing my nose.

      I hear ya on the exercising. Every time I go to do floor exercises I get puppy loving all over me. Then they flop and wiggle in..It does make me laugh but I really DO need to get those sit-ups in.