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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fly By

After a busy work week, I woke up this morning and stood there bleary at the kitchen sink, filling up the coffee pot with water for SM's morning java when I noticed that I hadn't flipped the calendar that hangs on the side of our fridge.

It's August?  Already?

I mean, I know it's August.  I wrote 8-1-14 all day long at work yesterday.

But it's different when you stand there and actually flip a calendar and realize another month is gone.

Do any of you keep a calendar?

I suppose they're out dated and unnecessary for some folks.  All our electronic gear has the time and date plastered on it after all.

But I like having a calendar stuck to the fridge that I can write on.  I've used calendars for years to remind me of all our upcoming stuff. 

We get our calendar for free from our small family run pharmacy.  Every December they lay out a stack of free "Take One" calendars that have each month of the year on it with a Norman Rockwell painting and advice on how to live a healthier life. 

I write all our Dentist and Doctor and Vet appointments on it. 
Post-op Saturdays are noted 
Recycling trash can days get a big R written on them.
Migraine days get a big M
Odd notes like "heartworm pills" or "plant onions" go on it. 

I never really thought about it but I'd likely be a little lost without it.

It's also a tangible reminder of how fast time flies by.

It's August.


Holy Cow.


  1. I know. It's amazing how quickly time passes after you hit 50. Enjoy the fleeting summer!

  2. Couldn't function without that calendar! Our main one is on the side of the refridge (like yours) and I also have one on the wall here by my desk and one in my quilt room. Although the quilt room one is mostly for decoration (lovely pictures of quilts) 'cause when I'm in there I rarely look at the date(s). By the end of the month the one in the kitchen is pretty well plastered with information and notes. And I'd never remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc. without their notation on the calendar there.

    Let's not even speak of how fast these summer months have flown by. I still have to paint the house!!

  3. I love calendars. Wall calendars, pocket calendars. You just reminded me that I haven't turned mine yet. I always like to get a pretty one for the kitchen. This summer the months are flying by so quickly. Winter after Christmas always seems to pass a little slower for me.

  4. I agree! I always have a calendar on the wall in the kitchen. I would never remember all the appointments without it and now that my (retired) guy took a "fun" part-time job at a local wood working store, we need it even more. We usually get them free from charities that we have donated to.