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Monday, October 5, 2015

All Is Well

SM and I had last week off and rather than stick around here in the rain (we had no idea how bad it would get at the time) we took off for a road trip.

SM wanted to go to Boston.
I suggested New Orleans.
Hilton Head?  


I had been to Niagara and Toronto before on my own but SM had never been, so that's where we headed.

Canadian Falls and "Yes" it was cold.
Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto was stunning.

Right about Wednesday we were watching late night TV and here comes a report about Joaquin.

I sat up straight when I saw they thought the track might go through Charlotte.

Needless to say, we dodged a bullet there.  Neighbors tell me that we had several inches of rain but NOTHING like whats going on in SC.

On the way home we did swing by Cleveland's West Side Market for the smoked meats and delicious cheeses that we just can't get locally.  We packed our cooler full and then went back in for fresh eating.  SM munched on pickled eggs and bratwurst.  We both shared a Neapolitan and I found heaven in a lemon macaroon.

We finished up our travels in Columbus.  It just worked out that SM's brother Ron was having his 72nd birthday party this past weekend.  Great party and a nice surprise for Ron who didn't know we were in the area.

I've got today off for doing laundry and cleaning the house.
Maybe mow the overgrown lawn.
Back to the grind tomorrow!


  1. OMGosh, are you two adorable, or what? Glad you got away from the downpour!

  2. What a happy, fun-loving pair you two are! Great pic. Good thing you took along your long underwear(!).