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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Weed and Feed

 I follow a group on Facebook called "Grow, Share Charlotte" which keeps me in the loop as far as what my local peeps are up to with their gardens. Lots of good posts with answers to great questions and problems that we are all likely to be experiencing at the same time locally.

Anyway...This past weekend there was a post about people planting their peas, carrots, lettuces and potatoes in their gardens. 

When I mentioned this to SM, he laughed, looking out at all the ponding in our backyard and said "They'll be replanting soon enough. All that seed will rot as wet as it is."

Still, just reading that people in my locale are putting seeds in the ground is enough to make my fingers itch.

The past three days have been sunny and 65+ degrees with a fair amount of wind to help dry out the yard.  

I put on my "Boo-tays" this morning and walked around to check things out.

Lots of Weeds popping is a sure sign of Spring.

Some parts of the yard are drier than others. Here's how mucky it still is close to the garden.

Our feeding area for the birds. There is another (hard to see) green feeder closer to the house.

My garden is big enough that I've taken to "swapping" sections each year and letting the other rest.  Last year I used the raised beds so I've got them covered for this year.

Here is the "in-ground" section that I'll be planting this year. I built this walkway out of scrap deck board that SM had stacked back by the fence.  Might as well do something with it.

With the weather warming up, I thought I'd give you all a tease of what things look like here in NC.  

I expect even green weeds look good to those of you stuck in cold and snow.


  1. Can't WAIT for spring! We put used decking between our garden beds too! 99% of our snow has melted and showing green things popping up. I gots them "itchy fingers" as well :)

  2. Planted my snap peas yesterday, so I hope SM is wrong!
    Love your walkway.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tami!