Sunday, March 1, 2015

Turning The Corner?

I have to admit February zipped by pretty fast.  

It was a rough one weather wise but I got through the day to day minutia easier that SM did.  

The drag of being sick for a whole month is wearing on SM's last nerve but he continues to plug along.  Me?  I've managed to avoid the worst of the creeping crud (so far) and am happy to get through the worst of Winter without having slit my wrists (emotionally speaking that is).

Continuing with my monthly sunrise series of snaps today is less than inspiring but here it is!  Welcome to March.

It's gray with freezing rain coming down. You can still see the snow in the back garden area.  Hard to believe the day might actually come when we can get back there and putz around.  The ground is really boggy out there.

Truly... I can't let this post get published with this gray dullness.  Here's to hoping for some color really soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jiggling Eyeball Syndrome

My typical morning starts around 4ish with me sucking on some Mt Dew (caffeine) and a troll through the internet for about a 1/2 hour.

I usually hit Intellicast first to see how to gear up for the morning walk.  It's raining this morning (sigh) so I got up and stuck some towels in the washer.

Since I'm still not awake I figured I'd waste some time on Yahoo, my usual site for "News". 

I use finger quotes for that because the word "News" is an oxymoron anymore.  


You can't be called "News" if the Kardashians are in the first few articles.  
Yahoo always has Kardashian news.  
Like I care.  
But I digress.

Anyhow I click over to Yahoo and discover some weird, foreign website.  I mean the entire page composition has changed.  It doesn't even say Yahoo at the top anymore it just has a modified Y symbol.

Fine, I tell myself.  MSN and USA Today have also changed their format over the years.  I stopped going to their sites because I felt I had to click through eighteen different stops just to get where I wanted to be.

So Yahoo became my "go-to" site for news.  I got used to the strip of tiles trolling by offering me up to a hundred different articles that might catch my attention and my click.

I've heard about the importance of the click.  
But do you have to make it so hard for me to find something interesting to click onto?  There's so much garbage on the page jockeying for my attention that I've got jiggling eyeball syndrome. 

We gave up buying newspapers ten years or so ago in favor of our electronic options.  Maybe I'm getting old but I can't keep up.  It's just too much sensory overload.

 Image result for reading newspaper

So goodbye Yahoo.  Hello Google News.  At least your page is more orderly.

Where do you all shop for news?

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I have not walked all week.  

First ice, then record cold kept me from my daily miles.

So if I have not walked, the dogs have not walked.  I can only imagine what the backyard looks like.

Those of you in more northern climes, no doubt consider me a wuss of the highest order.  

You are correct.  
I make no excuses.
I'm just over it already.

Aren't you?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Living in the Carolinas is great for the most part.  

Short Winters, extended Summers and the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall are just delightful around here.

But if North Carolina were to have a  Modus Operandi, I would have to say that you can expect an ice storm or two practically every year.  

You might get lucky one year and have a nice deep snowstorm, but an ice storm?  

Count on it.

Every freaken year.

We got ours last night.  They say we got about a 1/2 inch of freezing rain, then sleet on top of that.  

When I opened the door this morning to let the dogs out, three pairs of noses quivered in the crisp, icy 20 degree air and butts began to back up until Mama Bear ordered "GO POTTY" in a stern croaking voice.

They all stepped out and reached the steps that I had covered with old towels (to give traction - I'll rip them off later) and I watched the dogs tip-toe across the ice to add a bit of yellow ice to the landscape.

I expected Casey (at 80 lbs) to break through the ice but she glided around on the skating rink like a big round ballerina. 

Image result for hippo on ice skates

SM calls this "Snice" a combination of snow and ice.  

The only nice thing about this "Snice" is that it didn't kill the power.  


Sunday, February 15, 2015

What The...?

About 8pm last night we were all startled out of our comfy cozy nests with a Bang.

"What the...?"  I cried out.  The dogs all shot out from their respective places and SM came running.

Image result for north wind picture archives

The north wind had hit the front of the house with as much force as I've ever experienced. The front windows all shook and the front storm door was torn open.

SM tried to get it to close but something must've warped.  

"I don't know how we can close it to keep it from being torn off."  He said as he whisked by me on the way to the garage.

"Duck tape."  I called but he was already gone.

How many of you have that wonderful grey roll of handy dandy duck tape sitting on your kitchen counter?  

I do.  That lifesaving roll is like one of my kitchen appliances.  It's always there and within easy reach.

I grabbed the roll, wrapped a length around the storm door handle, closed the door and extending the tape another few feet ran the tape along the inside molding and side window area.  

Then I closed and locked the front door and went out into the garage to get SM.

"You did what?"  SM asked.
"I duck taped it."
 So I opened the front door and showed him.
"Well, OK then."

And we all settled down for a long winter's nap.  I got up around 1am and the wind was still going at it.  

It's 17 out there at 6:30am.
Wind chill is 4.
And the ducktape is still holding.

Stay warm ya'll...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rose Colored Glasses

Ah, weekends!  

How I live for thee!

Fourty-eight glorious hours of home time.  

That the home time usually includes cooking, cleaning and scrubbing the John...Well, you can't have everything.  Or can you?

Some of us silly folks actually get a kick out of the everyday.  Just the simple little task of creating some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup brings more pleasure to me than cracking off the lid on a can of Progresso.  

Not that Progresso doesn't have it's place around here.  Monday thru Friday you can count on leftovers being served for dinner as Mama is much too tired to do more than make a salad or steam some veggies. You are pretty much on your own during weeknights.

But the weekends afford me the time to cook all day long if I want.  SM has requested Chicken Noodle Soup (since his taste buds have still not recovered) so I shall be tossing a chicken and some sweet Italian sausage in the Dutch Oven to bake here in a bit.  Cool it off, de-carcass-ify it and we'll have soup in no time.

The laundry is in full swing already and there is a pleasure in folding warm clothes and smelling the Downey freshness.

I de-poopified the backyard last night before it got dark and managed to step in a pile which then embedded itself in the small creaks and crevices of the soles of my shoes.  The dogs all skulked off expecting me to have my usual tantrum of "Shit!  Freaken Dog Shit!" but it never came. 
 Image result for funny step in dog poop

It's the cost of having dogs, you know.

I find myself to be in a very mellow mood this morning.  My throat is full but not sore yet.  I have a cough and blow from time to time but if this is as bad as it gets I'll be grateful. 

SM brought home a bouquet of fresh cut Mums in yellow, white and purple for Valentines Day.  I've never been a rose kinda girl so having some sweet, silly mums in a mason jar is right up my alley.  

I do miss kissing the guy though.  We've been reduced to hugs ever since he came home with the creeping crud.

This is true romance kids...Chicken Noodle Soup and some sweet Mums.  Along with a cough, spit and blow.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Last weekend SM came home sick from Jersey with the creeping crud.  

 Image result for funny sick with flu

His throat was so sore, he went to the Dr on Monday thinking he might have Strep.

No, but the Dr did say something interesting.  "Did you get a flu shot?" 


(We both get Flu shots every year after having had a bad episode ten years or so ago.)

The Dr went on to say that since this years flu mutated from the expected virus that went into the flu shot, that he's been seeing patients that have all the symptoms of flu, except having a fever.  

"I've seen this over and over again.  I expect that the flu shot is giving you some benefit (IE: no fever).  As a result your flu experience will likely be milder than those folks who didn't get the flu shot."

SM was given Rx's for a Z-pac, inhaler, codeine cough syrup and told to buy Mucinex.  He was down for the count for about 4 days but has gone out on business calls the last 2 days.

"How do you feel?"  I asked him last night.

"The sore throat is gone.  It's all in my head and chest now."  He still sounds terribly congested.

"Well, Dr R (my Boss who is also out sick) went to Urgent care and was diagnosed with flu, bronchitis, sinus infection and an ear infection."

"Did she get the flu shot?"  SM asked.


"I can't begin to imagine how bad she feels right now."  SM replied sympathetically.

Yesterday I was talking with another of my Dr's when he said..."I think I may have Strep.  I've got a fever and white spots on the back of my throat."  He then headed out to get his own diagnosis.

Yikes...I'm surrounded!

Pick your poison.  Do I want flu, Strep or bronchitis?  I'm tossing extra vitamins down my throat and boiling water to get the humidity up in the house hoping to skip by this party.  

I'm a little congested and my throat is just a bit scratchy.  Sigh.

Time will tell.

Stay well, Y'all...


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spur Of The Moment

Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I went to Sams Club yesterday morning to do some grocery shopping.  It was a pretty nice day.  Nice enough that I had visions of Springtime dancing in my head.  Sams played into this nicely as they have already started to put out the patio furniture (which I sat on) the garden hoses (which I eyeballed) and the big rolls of 250 ft Preen Landscape fabric (which I bought 2 of).  

I also bought a 10'x10' outdoor rug that SM and I had been looking at.

Loaded up with these goodies I got back on the road when I noticed signs plastered all over the Pier One store announcing that they were closing their location and that everything was on sale from 30% to 50% off.

I like Pier One stuff so I swung in.  They had just opened so there was only a couple of us in there shopping.  My goal turned to the back porch.  Pier One has quality cushions for outdoor furniture but they're pretty expensive.  I also spotted a small wooden table that I thought might work for an outdoor eating area.

I started to get excited but I didn't want to buy anything without thinking about it first.  Decorating and designing the back porch living area hadn't been on my radar yet.  Heck.  It's still technically Winter!

So I drove back home and unloaded and put the groceries away.  Then I went out and laid the rug that I'd bought and started moving the swing around and the Ikea chair that I'd bought on a whim last year.  I tossed the old cushions off the swing to be used elsewhere and stood back.

I grabbed the Ikea footstool cushion and headed back to Pier One.  By this time the place was packed.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to buy the cushions and the table that I felt pretty sure I wanted.  But they were still there and the cushion color matched well with the Ikea cushion.  


I got home, laid everything out and had just snapped these pictures when SM walked in.

"Come and see!"  I dragged him to the back porch.

"Wow!"  SM said sitting on the swing admiring the thick cushions as I told him I'd gotten 50% off and apologizing for not involving him in the decision.  

"You did the right thing.  You've got to take advantage when the moment strikes.  Is there anything else we need?  Did they have anything else you think we could use?"

"Well, yes...But then we're getting into things for the house.  Stuff we need versus stuff we want.  You've got a really good eye for things like that and I didn't want to make those kind of decisions with out you.  Did you want to go over today?"  I questioned him.  He had just gotten home from a long drive and was sick with a cold.

"I feel OK."  He said, but I kaiboshed the idea.  "Maybe tomorrow."  I told him.  "Relax for now."

So maybe we'll head back over today to see what's left.  I'm not sure they'll be much worth getting but you never know.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I came around the corner last night expecting to see that SM had come home from his Jersey travels.


Concerned, I called and SM is just fine.  He thought since he was so close on the drive home to Virginia Beach that he would see if his cousin Jimmy was still around.  We used to live in VB 30yrs ago and I'd only met Jimmy once.  He's a Navy Seal by trade.  SM made plans to get together for a beer with him Friday night.

"You'll never guess where I just was."  SM teased.
"Where?  You're in VB right?"
"Yeah...but where is my favorite place here?"

I laughed.  
"Captain Georges."  

Captain George's has a huge seafood buffet.  "I am so stuffed I can hardly move."  SM said.  

I could sense the tight belly from here.

"You know, I didn't even think about that when you told me you were driving through."  I pointed out.

"I did."  SM replied, which made me laugh.

"Do you miss me?"  He asked.
"I did Tuesday."
"You don't miss me anymore?"
"Let's just say that while I'm sure I can live without you, it's alot more fun having you around to annoy the crap out of me."
"Well...Geez, I'll rush right home then."

I expect he'll pull in later this afternoon and then tomorrow Ronnie and Connie are due to stop in on their way back to Ohio from Ft Myers.  

 So guess what I'm doing today?

Giving the house a scrub.

Doing laundry.  Those dog blankets are the majority of my load.

And Scooter Boo.  He is way over due for a haircut.

No time like the present.  So with the sky lightening up (today close to 60 degrees!) I grabbed me a cranky Cocker and completed phase one.  

The top half. 

Scooter's patience is limited so I clean him up in phases.  He had a bath last weekend.  This morning I clipped the top half of him.

I'll get his legs later.  He hates having his feet worked on.

His reward for not ripping my face off?


One of my socks.  Hard to believe that sweet mug was righteous anger and fury at me just minutes before.

How that I'm covered in dog hair, it's time to clean myself up and run to the store for groceries.

I'm thinking meatloaf as a Welcome Home dinner for SM.

(I just read this post through. So mundane.  SM better get home quick so I have something more interesting to post about than dog hair, laundry and meatloaf.  Geez-a-loo...)