Sunday, January 28, 2018

Time Flies

A few weeks ago I got the bright idea to start a Facebook Group for Family pictures.

Sort of a for my Mom, siblings and their extended families.

I got the idea of taking pictures of all the pictures that I have in my possession and posting them to Facebook.

I am assuming that at some point in the distant future, when I'm long gone, some distant relative will want to know more about where they came from.

It's been fun looking back especially at the old black and whites of my grandparents and even a few of my great grandparents.

My siblings are digging through their own photo albums and posting pictures, some of which I never recall seeing!  

Everyone is reminiscing and making fun comments.  I feel that it's bringing us all just a little bit closer.

But I also feel just a little sad seeing how quickly time flies by.

Age heightens this sense of time speeding by.  When you are a kid, you're just not aware of how quickly life speeds by.

My Mom told me when I was a teenager wishing my school year away, "Just wait till you're older.  Time starts flying by the older you get.  Don't wish your life away, Tami."

Never have truer words been spoken.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Air Fryer

Like everyone else in the world, I LOVE fried foods.

That said, I hate the smell of hot oil so I NEVER fry foods here in my home..

Welcome the Power AirFryerXL.

Image result for power air fryer xl

I'd been eyeballing this sucker for a few months now.  My nephew JT had gushed about how amazing these thing were.

We were at Sams Club yesterday and I asked Ray if the ole checking account could take a hit.  Yeppers!

$119 and this guy is HUGE.

Ray bought a Sam Club packet of chicken legs and we were off.  Twenty minutes in they were crisping up nice on the outside.  We tossed them in Buffalo sauce and stuck them back in for another 5-10 minutes.  

Perfect.  Crispy with the dried up sauce, but moist on the inside.

Amazingly simple to use with easy cleanup...The baskets are in the dishwasher right now.

We have a winner here folks.  

We are both excited to try fish and french fries next.  Supposedly you can even bake with it!.

The next big thing is the Instant Pot.

Image result for instant pot

Ray's sister got an Instant Pot and loves it.  Does anyone have an Instant Pot out there?  Do you love it?

If this keeps up, I'm going to run out of counter space!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy Day Everyone!

I was making a chocolate cake this morning.

Look what the universe gave me!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The past few weeks I've been boiling water on the stove to add some precious humidity to our air.  

We've got a warm mist humidifier by the bed but whenever I'm home and it's cold outside, I've got the water boiling.  

It's makes the house feel warmer, decreases the chance of a static electric ZAP and soothes our throats and noses.

So as I type this I'm watching a pretty plume of steam rise into the air.

Mmmm.  Steam.

Hey...That's an idea.  

Lets talk McSteamy and McDreamy, Mer and Christina, GEORGE!  OMG GEORGE!

Image result for grey's anatomy

Yep.  I discovered The Netflix Binge with Grey's Anatomy.  

I can totally understand why people binge-watch on Netflix.  It's perfect.  One episode after another.  No freaken cliffhangers.  No waiting a year (or two Thank You Game of Thrones).

Nope.  If you're willing to wait a few years until the regular TV season wraps up, Netflix will pick it up and you can watch it all in one big session.

I never ever had ANY interest in watching Grey's for the 14 years it was on regular TV, but one day it was sitting in my "trending" list on Netflix and I punched GO on the first episode and I was hooked.

Shonda Rhimes...You are a goddess!

The perfect combination of Girl-Power...
Image result for grey's anatomy meredith and cristina you are my person


Image result for meredith and derek quotes

Ugly crying...

Image result for meredith grey ugly cry

And WTF! 

Image result for george. it's george. john doe is george


Image result for george. it's george. john doe is george

I swear that episode scarred me for life!

Image result for christina somebody sedate me

So are you a Grey's Fan?

Image result for george dying grey's anatomy meme

Have you developed a brain tumor yet?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It's Eight freaken degrees out there as I type this.


When it's spelled out it's a pretty weird looking word isn't it?

Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight

Sounds like something a cat might cough up.

Image result for cat coughing


Or something an Olympian Powerlifter should grunt.

Image result for olympian powerlifter


Or maybe the sound I should make when I burp the Diet Mt Dew I'm drinking...

Image result for burp meme


Made you laugh didn't I?

You needed that laugh cause if it's EIGHT FREAKEN DEGREES HERE it must be even COLDER where you are!!!

So what does it sound like where you are today?

Monday, January 1, 2018


Am I an honest person?

Yeah...For the most part.  

I mean...Sure, a little white lie will pass my from my lips from time to time especially if telling the truth causes more grief than what it's worth.

But I've always been uncomfortable with the thought of lying.  I squirm and break into a cold sweat.  

Honesty is the best policy.  
For me at least.

But sometimes things happen that make you look like you're trying to cheat the system when you're really not.

We went to Sam's Club last month and checked out through the self-checkout.  We had bought around 8-10 items and the packaging is supersized so the cart was full enough.  On the way out to the car though I noticed that I had stuck a case of Diet MtDew under the cart.

I paused and looked at the receipt. 
Not there.

"What?" Ray asked.
"We didn't pay for the MtDew." I replied.

I swear we stood there for 2-3 seconds and I KNOW what we both were thinking.

It was an honest mistake. 
An oversight.  
The Doorgirl didn't catch it. 
Screw it!
It's only $10.

But I live with a REALLY deep fear of being a stupid old person and walking out of a store without paying because I'm a dingbat and forgetful and getting arrested for shoplifting and being hauled off to the slammer...Well, you get the idea.

"Karma."  I said flatly. ""It's not worth it.  What comes around goes around."

And so we headed back in to pay for the Mt Dew.  

The Doorgirl was surprised.  "There ain't many honest people out in the world these days.  Most would keep going."  

I didn't tell her that I had considered exactly that.

Anyhoo..Getting back to Karma.

A week or so later, I lost my favorite twenty year old winter hat while walking Casey around the neighborhood.  

I'd shoved it in my pocket during a hotflash (Yes, I'm STILL having those) and it must've fallen out so I KNEW it was around there somewhere.  

I walk in the dark these days and so for almost a week I would look along the streets and in the yards with my flashlight searching in despair for my hat.


One morning, I mentioned to Ray that I needed to find a replacement hat.  That someone had probably picked up that old rag of a hat and tossed it out.

And so I went out dejected and took Casey for her morning walk.  We were half way around when Casey stood next to a mailbox and stuck her nose straight up in the air sniffing.  Something was on the mailbox post.  

I reached out...My HAT!  OMG!

I was SO HAPPY I swear I danced the rest of the way home. 

It made my day!

This crappy, worn out twenty year old hat that fits my head perfectly was back in my hands.

"Karma."  Ray said when I danced in all excited.


I'm a believer!

Now...Anyone wanna promise to be my Go-To person twenty years from now when I'm stuck in jail for being an old dingbat and forgetting to pay for my purchases?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 A Year of Up's and Downs

Gosh...It's been a LONG time since I've blogged.  

Can't say that I've missed it.  

But I can say that I'm sure there will come a day when I will enjoy looking back at this blog and thinking "Oh yeah! I forgot about that!"

So...2017 Year in Review.  

It's been a year of loss.  

Ray's best friend and brother Ron. I miss him everyday. 

And my Sweet Ginny Girl.

But it's also been a year of simple joys and challenges.  I started off GREAT with the garden.

And our backyard of flowers and shrubs. Love looking at these pictures.  So GREEN!

We used our back porch constantly.  So relaxing.

A Hilton Head trip over Memorial Weekend to our favorite hotel on the beach.  

And then things took an unexpected turn.

The infamous Toothpick Infection of 2017.  We suspect (it was never confirmed) that Ray was kept on IV antibiotics for 4 days prior to his surgery because he likely developed sepsis.  We don't look too closely at that.  I'll spare you the nasty photos and just share a picture of the healed foot. 

We had a 98% Solar Eclipse in August that Ray came and enjoyed with me while I was at work.  

The whole building turned out.  Lots of fun but in retrospect we should have taken the day off and traveled a few hours South and seen the full eclipse. Oh well...We will get a second chance in a few years. 

October found me traveling with my sisters out to Las Vegas to visit my Mom and Bob for a few days.  

Great fun (but too much smoke) and I actually won a bit on penny slots!  Check it out!  I can totally see how gambling can become an addiction!

My sisters and I are going to try and make a trip to visit Mom each year.  We are thinking Sedona and The Grand Canyon for 2018.

Other than that, Ray and I worried that Casey-Pig would have issues being an only child with Ginny being gone.  But she adapted quickly and is thriving on all the attention she gets.

And I am The Shiz. 

Yes, it's true!  How do I know? 

Because a sticky note on my computer at work told me so.

So there.

With a little discipline and a few annoying pokes from all you good people out in Cyber-Land, I just might start blogging again.


Stay warm Ya'll and have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Where You Find It

The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us.
That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - even those we love.
Because we see things so often, we see them less and less.
Joseph B. Wirthlin

Hm.  Where do I begin?

First off...Everything is OK.

It's a long story and if I suppose if we were face to face and we were chatting, I would be happy to tell you all the details.

But just the thought of putting everything down into words seems so fatiguing to me.

I am tired.

Long story short then.

Ginny, had been failing for about a month.  We spoke of putting her down but SM felt that as long as we could help her then we should.  

Her back legs needed support, which we were happy to give, but she had developed an on and off case of diarrhea that we fought for about 2 weeks.

We did the best we could but accidents happen and SM was cleaning up after her while I was at work one day.

He saw a toothpick on the floor.  
He picked it up, dropped it and then stepped on it.

Right under his second toe.

He shrugged it off but after a few days the foot became infected.
Oral antibiotics and the Dr lanced it to drain it.

Still no improvement after a week and then during an urgent care visit on Memorial Day, the Dr looked at SM's foot and then looked at me and I said "ER?".  


SM was hospitalized for an abscessed foot.
For 5 days.
IV antibiotics every 8 hours and talk of amputating his toe.

I spent the night at the hospital the night before his surgery because SM was CLEARLY upset about the thought of loosing his toe.

That morning as we got him ready for surgery, Debbie (my good friend and neighbor who watches our dogs for us when we are gone) called and said that Ginny had collapsed.  Deb tried to get her up and even asked her husband to come over and help but it just wasn't happening.

I couldn't leave SM.
I couldn't let Ginny suffer.

So I called my Vet and they made a house-call to euthanize Ginny at about the same time that SM went in for surgery.

Talk about irony.  
They both went to sleep at the same time.

Before SM went in for his procedure, the surgeon stopped in to talk and unwrapped his foot one last time to look at it.  

Surprise!  SM's foot looked so much better!  We all felt that the IV antibiotics had done an incredible job with the infection.

So SM, the surgeon and I discussed the option of debridement first and if the surgeon didn't like what he saw when he got in there, to just go ahead and take the toe.

And SM woke up from his anesthesia with all his piggies still attached.

It's been 10 days since his surgery and we both feel we are heading in the right direction.  SM is diabetic and we have been cautioned that the healing process is slow and can take up to a month.  

Things can still go sideways, but we are optimistic.

I walked out to the garden this morning.  

This weed filled, overgrown mess of a garden and stood there and watched the bees feasting on the pollen filled flowers.

Beauty is where you find it, my friends.
Even when it's a mess.